Makeup Artists’ Breasts

My favourite part of a day on set is always the part where you get to sit in the makeup chair and get did.

Once you sweep the part out of the way where you inform the makeup artist of your face’s particular challenges (my skin’s dry and you’ll have to gift me eyebrows, for example) you can settle into the relaxing care of your number one ally of the day. Them, alongside wardrobe, are the two teams between yourself and potential humiliation.

Not only is performing canvas for the makeup artist the most therapeutic and relaxing part of a day on set, but because they generally tend to be female, you get full boobs up close and personal for the duration of your time in their chair.

Now technically I’m not into the ladies in a romantic way, however, boobs are amazing no matter what gender you’re making drunk eyes at across the bar on the weekends. There is something comforting about them hanging out 3 inches from your eyeball. I stare. I stare every time.

And I always say thank you.

Thank you.

Makeup Artists' Boobs

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