Gimme Gimme

It is unseasonably warm in Toronto, which is great, but it’s so rainy and foggy that appreciating the temperature takes some effort and thus I find myself longing for spring. Yesterday, some chump on the idiot-box said something about Christmas being the best time of the year in Toronto, which I have to politely (or impolitely, who the f cares) disagree with. Spring in Toronto when everyone is crammed onto the Ronnie’s patio in the sun drinking beers while still wearing scarves and gloves, is hands-down the best time of year. Guitars on porches, wee dogs with pep in their step, barbecues…no contest. This skirt from the Zimmerman 2012 R2W Cruise collection (wtf is with ‘cruise’ collections?) is the sartorial embodiment of that time for me. Le sigh. I pine. Gimme the damn dress, you skinny beautiful smoky-staring person…

This is the rest of the Zimmerman 2012 RTW Cruise Collection

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