Roundup: The Best Things I Found Online Today When I Was Wasting Time Instead of Getting Work Done.



Macarons are hands-down my favourite sweet thing of all time. Butter Avenue just opened up near Yonge and Lawrence and looks amazing. In other news, Bobbette and Belle in Leslieville has a Groupon on right now and they are my favourite producer of the most amazing sweet treat on the planet. Macarons! Hit it.


Sadly, Canadian comedy writer Joe Bodolai was found in a hotel room in Los Angeles, having succumbed to self-inflicted injuries on boxing day. This is an interesting article that illuminates the seemingly eternal struggle against the brain-drain Canadian comics (and artists in general) have to cope with as the result of two forces: the lack of support at home and the allure of American opportunity.


If I’m daydreaming, as I was today, and my heart is pulled in the direction of dangling bits and bobs and beautiful things, I go to my two favourite artists/jewelry geniuses’ most recent lookbooks. Maryam Keyhani and Dandi Maestre. Both came from afar (Tehran and Bogota, respectively) but somehow Toronto seduced them and now we’re lucky enough to have them both based here. Now, if only I could scrounge up the wee fortunes needed to buy up their entire collections.


I knew I was onto something when I saw Reese Witherspoon on the cover of Vogue and scoffed. This is an interesting breakdown of who sold magazines this year. Not shockingly SJP & Jennifer Aniston sell the most magazines. Justin Timberlake, Bieber and the aforementioned yawn-inducing Witherspoon were colossal disappointments. Now, I hope Meryl Streep for Vogue isn’t on the bad side of this list next year because I snatched that issue up ASAP. You should too.


As I write this I am currently listening to the mixtape entitled: Girl, Why are you so French House? streamed off Kissette’s blog. I know the gorg Sandra Krcmar from way back when and Kissette is a DJ duo she’s got goin on with her sister. These are mixtapes posted from the summer. They’re all amazing. Hit it.

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