The ‘if I’m going to be honest’ Style Icon Roundup From My Childhood/Tumultuous Teen Years

Can I just say, The Bodyguard soundtrack rocked my world? God I loved Whitney so bad.
I had no point of reference for Carly Simon beyond this specific image as my parents had this album on vinyl and I forced my dad to play 'You're So Vain' on repeat for YEARS.
Alannah Myles is who I imagined my mom would be if she was a rockstar. I loved that album with Black Velvet on it. Oh God, I'm gonna Youtube it right now.
Gwen is a (yawn) staple icon for my generation. I had a bindi even though I could barely point out India on a map. Much Music. The late 90s. Crop Tops & Baggy Pants. Sigh. Remember Intimate and Interactive? Electric Circus?
Thank God Annie Lennox is on my honest list, because she is straight legit and thus gives me street cred. The Eurythmics still kill. Who's That Girl? Annie Fucking Lennox.
The Princess Bride is in my top 5 fav movies of all time. Who wants to come over and listen to me do all the parts as we watch it on DVD? Robin Wright was stunning....too bad she fell for that ego-maniac Sean Penn and we never saw her again. AS YOU WIIIIISSHHHH
My fav Cover Girl was Nikki Taylor because she was blonde and I identified with her over Cindy Crawford. Pretty sure I drew a face mole on with my mother's eyeliner more times than I care to admit. Also, I'm fairly sure I own the boots she's wearing in this picture.
As I entered high school, I discovered Fiona, who was the soundtrack of my life as I fell in and out of love for the first time. Sigh. She's single handedly the reason I wrote verbose poetry on a typewriter for like 5 years. Carrion...Youtube it.
Ingrid Bergmen. My dad said I reminded him of her which looking back is pretty sweet. Thus, I always had a thing for her. Can you imagine if I reminded him of like, I dunno, Rosie O'Donnell? I'd be a different person I think.
Madonna (only circa her Dolce & Gabbana ads in the early 2000s when I was in Grades 10 and 11 and thought the buck stopped with D&G. Leopard print fo life.) Honourable mention: The Immaculate Collection in isolation.
Take Fiona Apple, toss her with a lot more life experience, perspective, creative output, piano skills and a sprinkle of faerie dust and you get Tori Amos. She's like wise woman with piano, the Grad Studies edition. LOVED her in high school. Typical.

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