Describe Lana Del Ray’s New 10-minute epic “Ride” in 32 Words or Less

My good friend Mol forwarded this new Lana creative-output to me because she’s always got her finger on the pulse of such things while I’m usually lying in a ditch somewhere looking at the stars-type-thing. While I personally think that the incredible amount of vicious feedback she’s received has been unfounded, gendered and tantamount to schoolyard bullying, this video, I gotta say, is WHACK.

Here it is, Lana Del Ray’s “Ride” official LOGLINE:

In the wake of savage press regarding her image and music, Lana goes on a road trip with a biker gang, has sex with all of them and also with her dad.

Take a sober look at what this communicates, particularly to our girls and boys, seeking identity through pop-idols.

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